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Lightweight helicopter made in India in the Air Force

  • Domestic and upgraded MK-3 lights helicopter was recently incorporated into the Indian Coast Guard in Porbandar, Gujarat.
  • Hindustan Aero Natils manufactured this updated lightweight helkopter. So far, 13 helicopters have been gradually added to the Indian Coast Guard. Four helicopters have been included in the Indian Coast Guard in Porbandar.
  • In this case, a more domestic production helicopter is to be incorporated into the Air Force today. The helicopter was equipped with military equipment and various tests were carried out. The helicopter is created to fly in high mountains.
  • Also, this helicopter can be used in dark forest during night and rainy season. This double engine is fitted with a helicopter weighing a total of 5.8 tonnes. The helicopter can be attacked by weapons, including missiles.
  • 15 helicopters worth Rs 3,887 crore are being manufactured using our domestic technology. The Air Force will be given 0 helicopters and 5 helicopters to the army.
  • The helicopter has been manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautical Company. The helicopter is connected to the Air Force at a function in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Air Force Commander Chaudhry are also present at the event.
The Government of Tamil Nadu has been selected as the first state to implement the Jal Jeevan project
  • The Central Government is implementing the Jal Jeevan project to provide drinking water supply to houses across the country. Under this scheme, 1.24 crore houses in Tamil Nadu have been targeted to provide drinking water supply. 
  • So far, 69.14 lakh houses have been provided. In this case, the Government of Tamil Nadu has been elected as the first state to implement the Jal Jeevan project. Municipal Administration Minister Nehru received the award to President Draupadi Murmu at the Bharata Festival held in Delhi yesterday.
  • Similarly, every year, through the Ministry of Jalsakthi and the Health Department, the quality of health and health infrastructure in rural areas is measured. Accordingly, Tamil Nadu has been ranked third in the national level of 2021-22. Rural Development Minister Periyakarupan received the award of the central government from the President.
Extension of Customs Offer on Cooking Oil Import until March 2023
  • The existing concession on the import customs tax on specific cooking oil has been extended till March 31, 2023. The purpose of this move is to increase domestic distribution and keep the price under control.
  • The price of cooking oil is on the face of the price of a global price. Cooking oil retail prices in India can be significantly reduced due to the fall of global prices and the reduction of imports.
  • The existing tax on non -refined palm oil, ribbid pamalin, ribbid palm oil, purified soybean oil, purified soybean oil, refined sunflower oil, and refined sunflower oil will be unchanged until March 31, 2023. 
  • Imported solution on sunflower oil soybean oil is currently zero. However, agricultural chess and social welfare chess for these three types of cooking oils will be 5.5 per cent. Thus it has been stated.
Ajay Badu appointed as Deputy Commissioner of Election Commission of India
  • The Election Commission of India is an organization established by the Constitution of India. The autonomous organization acts as part of the judiciary.
  • The Election Commission of India is to hold the Member Elections for the People's Forum. The Constitution of India has served to hold and supervise the President of the Republic of India, the Vice President of the Republic of India, the State Legislative Council and the Parliamentary Elections.
  • In this case, Rajiv Kumar is working as the Election Commissioner of India. RK Gupta has been appointed as Deputy Commissioner and is currently appointed by Ajay Badu. Ajay Badu has served in various positions for the past 19 years.

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