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The total GST revenue collected in the month of August 2022 is Rs. 1,43,612 crore

  • The total GST revenue collected in August 2022 is Rs 1,43,612 crore. This includes Central GST Rs 24,710 crore, State GST Rs 30,951 crore, Consolidated GST (including Rs 42,067 crore collected on imported goods) Rs 77,782 crore, Additional Tax (cess) Rs 10,168 crore (including Rs 1,018 crore collected on imported goods). including crores).
  • The government has allocated Rs 29,524 crore to central GST and Rs 25,119 crore to state GST from integrated GST. After formal Faisal, revenue for central GST was Rs 54,234 crore and revenue for state GST was Rs 56,070 crore in August 2022.
  • The GST revenue in the same month last year was Rs 1,12,020 crore, a 28 percent increase in revenue this year. Revenue from import of goods increased by 57 percent and revenue from domestic transactions (including import of services) increased by 19 percent compared to the same period last year.
  • In Tamil Nadu, GST revenue grew by 19 percent to Rs 8,386 crore in August 2022 from Rs 7,060 crore in August 2021. Puducherry's GST revenue from Rs 156 crore in August 2021 to Rs 200 crore in August 2022 has seen a growth of 28 percent.
Central government gives permission to manufacture Tejas 2.0 fighter jet
  • The Union Cabinet meeting on Defense was held in Delhi under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Tejas 2.0 fighter jet project was approved. An allocation of Rs 10,000 crore was also approved for the project.
  • The central government's Hindustan Aeronautics Company is manufacturing the Tejas MK1 fighter jets. The Air Force has awarded a contract to manufacture a total of 123 Tejas fighter jets. Of this, 30 aircraft have been handed over to the Air Force.
  • In the next step, the central government has given permission to the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Hindustan Aeronautics to implement the Tejas 2.0 project.
  • Sources in the central defense department said that the Tejas Mark 2 model aircraft will be ready in the next 3 years and production will start in 2030. The Tejas Mark 1 aircraft currently in the Air Force has a weight of 3 tons. The Tejas Mark 2 aircraft will weigh 4 tonnes. It will be equipped with sophisticated weapons and radars.
Sep 15 - Visvesvaraiah's birth anniversary - Central Government steps up to celebrate 'Engineer's Day'
  • The Indian Engineers Federation (INDEF) has requested the Central Government to celebrate the birth anniversary of India's famous engineer and 'Bharat Ratna' awardee Sir M. Visveswariah on September 15 as 'Engineer's Day'.
  • In response to this, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has decided to celebrate Vishwas Varaiah's birthday on September 15 as 'Engineer's Day'.
$2.9 billion loan to Sri Lanka: Foreign Fund approves
  • Sri Lanka is facing severe economic crisis due to shortage of foreign exchange. Sri Lanka has so far received loans of up to 51 billion dollars from foreign countries. Of this, Sri Lanka is obliged to repay 28 billion dollars by 2027.
  • Also, Sri Lanka's inflation has risen to unprecedented levels, leading to economic contraction. As of last August, Sri Lanka's inflation was reported at 64.3 percent due to volatile fuel prices. According to the World Bank in its latest report, Sri Lanka ranks 5th in terms of food price inflation internationally, after Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Turkey and Lebanon.
  • In this context, after failing to repay the loan received from foreign countries last April, Sri Lanka engaged in negotiations to obtain a loan from the International Fund. In this dialogue held at the level of IMF-Sri Lankan officials, the International Fund has approved a loan of 2.9 billion dollars to Sri Lanka in the next 48 months (4 years).
  • The IMF said in a statement that the loan is being extended to maintain financial stability in Sri Lanka.
Moody's lowers country's growth forecast
  • Moody's Investors Service has downgraded India's growth forecast for the current year. Before this, the growth of the country in the current year will be 8.8 percent, while it was announced last May, it has now been reduced to 7.7 percent.
  • In this regard, it has been further informed that: In the last 2021, the country's gross domestic product growth was 8.3 percent, but it will decrease to 7.7 percent in the current year. Further, the growth will slow down to 5.2 percent in 2023. Due to rising interest rates, erratic monsoons and slowdown in global economic growth, India's growth rate will be hampered.
  • Interest rate hikes will have a bigger impact in the December quarter. Also, the impact will continue next year as well. Inflation will be the biggest challenge. To reduce inflationary pressure, RBI will adopt a tighter stance in its monetary policy
Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone for the Kochi Metro Rail project
  • Prime Minister Modi left for Kochi in Kerala on Thursday evening on a two-day visit. The Prime Minister inaugurated the 27 km double track of Indian Railways connecting Kurupandara-Kottayam-Singhavanam.
  • The Prime Minister also inaugurated special train services between Kottayam-Ernakulam and Kollam-Punalur. After this he dedicated to the country the newly electrified section between Kollam-Punalur which was completed at a cost of 76 crore rupees. He also laid the foundation stone for the second phase of the Kochi Metro project.
  • Earlier, the Prime Minister visited Adi Shankaracharya's birth place in Kaladi village in Ernakulam district and had darshan of Adi Shankaracharya Janmabhoomi.
A New Invention by James Webb
  • Recently, a miracle caught the eye of James Webb. Yes, James Webb has imaged the presence of carbon dioxide in the equatorial region of an exoplanet beyond our solar system. The planet has been named Wasp-39b.
  • Last July, James Webb's spectroscopic instruments detected traces of water on WASP-96b. James Webb has also captured a trace of carbon dioxide in the same planet's equatorial region, judging by the digital data it has now sent back.
  • James Webb's mission was to investigate the existence of life on the outer planets and the existence of an atmosphere and water suitable for human settlement. The telescope has accomplished that for the first time.
Kejriwal wins trust vote in Delhi Assembly
  • Slamming the BJP as an attempt to topple the AAP government, Kejriwal took a no-confidence motion to show that all AAP MLAs were with him. Voting was held today. The Kejriwal government has won the confidence vote in the Delhi Assembly.
  • BJP MLAs staged a walkout before the polls, resulting in no votes being cast against the Aam Aadmi Party government. Out of the total 62 Aadmi Party MLAs in Delhi, 59 appeared for the vote of confidence. Two of the other three are abroad.
  • Satyender Jain is in jail in a money laundering case. Apart from the Speaker, a total of 58 MLAs voted in favor of the trust vote.

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