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Ministry of Defense approves roadside facilities called 'Pro Cafe' in 75 border areas of 12 States / Union Territories

  • The Ministry of Defense has approved the construction of roadside facilities in 75 border areas of 12 States / Union Territories through the Border Roads Organization (PRO).
  • Apart from creating employment for the local people, their aim is to promote economic activities in the border areas and provide basic facilities to tourists. These are named Pro Cafe for roadside amenities.
  • The road network company has been operating in remote border areas beyond meeting military requirements to facilitate socio-economic development of the northern and eastern frontiers.
  • Thus, the number of tourists visiting the scenic areas has increased. Roadside facilities are made aware of the need for a smooth, comfortable system for tourists visiting roads located in difficult climatic and geographical environments.
  • The project will be implemented with the participation of Government and Public Sector designing, constructing and operating on agency or license basis as per the rules of the Border Road System.
  • Roadside facilities include two-wheeler and four-wheeler parking, restaurants, lodging, separate toilets for men, women and the disabled, and first aid.
States in financial crisis - RBI releases list
  • In the wake of the recent economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the Reserve Bank has conducted a study on the financial condition of the states in India. Five states - Bihar, Kerala, Punjab, Rajasthan and West Bengal - have been hit hard financially by the spread of the corona epidemic.
  • The provision of cash subsidies, the provision of free utility services, the renewal of the old pension scheme and the extension of implicit and explicit guarantees are all causing great distress to the States.
  • Further, the RBI said that the states should take appropriate steps to rectify their debt situation.
  • According to the RBI, Punjab, Rajasthan, Kerala, West Bengal, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have the highest debt burden in the country.
  • According to the RBI, the slowdown in tax revenue, rising expenditure and rising subsidy burden are the main reasons for the increase in the financial burden on state governments.
International Monetary Fund Standards Approval for Pakistan
  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recommended various taxes to address the foreign exchange deficit and economic crisis in Pakistan.
  • Buck them. The International Monetary Fund withheld the remaining amount due to non-implementation. International Monetary Fund officials have agreed to re-fund Pakistan under certain conditions.
  • Accordingly, Rs 7,500 crore is to be provided immediately to overcome the crisis. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has asked Pakistan to levy a maximum tax of Rs 5 per month on petroleum products for this funding.
  • Also, levy a 2 - 4 per cent poverty alleviation tax on companies earning up to 15-30 crore rupees a year. Has agreed. Bach also set a target of raising an additional Rs 42,000 crore by intensifying tax collection. Has agreed.
Pudukkottai King Rajagopala Thondaiman Memorial Hall - Announcement by Chief Minister MK Stalin
  • Raja Rajagopala Thondaiman, the 9th King of the 300-year-old Pudukottai principality in Tamil Nadu, is credited with providing various facilities including education, transport, agriculture and irrigation for the benefit of the people of Pudukottai during his tenure.
  • To add to his pride, the artist unveiled a statue of the King on 14.3.2000 at the Pudukkottai District Collectorate premises and renamed the Pudukkottai District Collector's Office as King Rajagopala Thondaiman Palace.
  • On the occasion of the centenary of King Rajagopala Thondaiman, a memorial hall with the King Rajagopala Thondaiman Museum will be set up at Pudukottai on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu to commemorate the simplicity of the King and his contribution to the people.
7.5 per cent economic growth - Modi's speech at the BRICS conference
  • The BRICS members include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The 14th conference of the organization is being held via video conference under the chairmanship of Chinese President Xi Jinping.
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping has invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend. In this case, the BRICS trade conference took place via video conference. In this, Prime Minister Modi said that India is becoming a country with rapid economic growth. India's economy is expected to grow by 7.5 per cent this year.
  • Many countries suffered economic downturns due to the corona. In India, three measures were taken to address this, namely reform, action and change. All sectors of the country are undergoing changes. New India is emerging.

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