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Exemption from the Corona Vaccine Patent - Signing of major agreements at the World Trade Organization conference

  • The 12th WTO Ministerial Conference kicked off in Geneva on the 12th. The main topics of discussion at this year's meeting were food and agricultural protection, fisheries subsidies and patent exemptions for corona vaccines.
  • The meeting, which lasted until June 16, dragged on until a major decision was reached. The last two days of the meeting were marked by intense discussions.
  • While it was argued on behalf of the developed countries that the subsidy for the fishing industry should be stopped, the controversial clauses in the agreement on extending the subsidy to the fishermen were removed at the last minute at the initiative of India.
  • Similarly, developing countries, including India, have demanded that patents for corona vaccines be waived. It was opposed by member states on the last day, despite opposition from the United Kingdom and Switzerland.
  • Thus the announcement of the patent exemption agreement for corona vaccines is expected to be released soon. This will enable developing countries, including India, to manufacture and export vaccines without obtaining permission from the drug owner.
  • While member states have agreed to ban export restrictions on the World Food Program to ensure food security, India has put forward the condition that exports can be curtailed if domestic demand is affected.
  • As talks dragged on on Wednesday, India sought to reach a consensus with various countries. Nine years later, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has confirmed historic agreements.
Aadhaar Number Link with Voter ID Card - Federal Government Notice
  • The Central Government has issued a notice to link the 'Aadhar' number with the voter ID card. On the advice of the Election Commission, four key aspects of the Electoral Law Amendment Act are coming into effect.
  • Accordingly, to prevent a person's name from being included in the voter list in multiple places, the Aadhaar will be linked to the voter ID card. New voters are added on Jan. 1 each year. After that, 18-year-olds have to wait a year to have their name added to the voter list.
  • Henceforth, the practice of registering 18-year-olds as new voters will be introduced on Jan. 1, Apr. 1, July 1 and Oct. 1. Thus adding new voters four times a year. Those serving in Indian embassies abroad and soldiers guarding the borders will be considered service sector voters.
  • Next, to give the right to gender equality in voting, the word spouse will be used instead of the word spouse. Thus, the service division can drive each other on behalf of the husband or wife.
  • In addition, the law makes it mandatory for the Election Commission to request any place where security forces can place election-related equipment and documents.
England set a world record of 498 in ODIs
  • The England team, which is touring the Netherlands, is playing in a three-match ODI series. The Netherlands won the toss and elected to bowl first in the first ODI at the Amstelween VRA Stadium.
  • England set a new world record of 498 for 4 at the end of 50 overs. It was the highest score accumulated in ODIs. Butler was unbeaten on 162 (70 off 70 balls, 7 fours, 14 sixes) and Livingston on 66 (22 off 22 balls, 6 fours, 6 sixes).
Desertification and Drought Day - Organized by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change
  • On behalf of the Central Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Desertification and Drought Day was held today. Central Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change Mr. Bhupendra Yadav presided over the event.
  • The event is held annually to raise awareness about the important role that land plays in the environmental impact and economic issues facing the nations of the world, including India. The event aims to encourage individuals and groups to keep the land healthy and productive. 
Monthly Production Report for May 2022
  • Crude oil production in May 2022 was 2550.05 thousand metric tons. This is 2.44 per cent higher than the monthly target. Production is 4.60 percent higher than in May 2021. Total crude oil production in April-May 2022 was 5019.72 TMT. This is 2.86 per cent higher than the target. Production was 1.79 percent higher than the same period last year.
  • Natural gas production in May 2022 was 2913.65 MMScm. This is 5.06 per cent less than the monthly target. However it is 6.35 per cent higher than in May 2021. 
  • Production of petroleum products by oil refineries in May 2022 was 22942.49 TMT, which is 4.49 per cent higher than the target. This is an increase of 17.06 per cent over the same period last year.
  • 23250 TMT of petroleum products were produced in May 2022. This is 4.36 per cent higher than the target. Production was 16.65 percent higher than the same month last year.

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