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Indian Guinness World Record holder for creating the world's largest pen

  • Acharya Magunuri Srinivasa lives in Hyderabad. He and his team created the world's largest ballpoint pen and are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Its weight is 37.23 kg. 5.5 meters long. This pen has surpassed the previous record of the largest pen with a length of 1.45 meters. The Guinness Book of World Records has published this on its Instagram post.
20 bills passed in the Assembly, including the power to appoint a deputy
  • Minister MRK Panneerselvam introduced in the Assembly a bill giving the Government of Tamil Nadu the power to appoint the Vice Chancellor of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.
  • Later, Minister S. Raghupathi introduced the Disposal Bill to repeal 91 laws that had fallen into force during the period 1976-1998.
  • Minister Periyakaruppan introduced a bill to amend the law appointing high officials to take action against panchayat secretaries.
  • In addition, Finance Minister Palanivel Thiagarajan introduced a bill to amend the Tamil Nadu Infrastructure Development Act and to allocate funds to the Government of Tamil Nadu. All bills were reviewed and passed.
  • Of these, 3 bills were passed on the allocation of funds in Tamil Nadu, 1 on payroll, 1 on municipal laws, Chennai Metropolitan Drinking Water Supply, Sewage Disposal Amendment, Bills for Urban Localities and Tamil Nadu Drinking Water Drainage Board Amendment Bill.
  • Bills authorizing the Government to appoint Vice Chancellors of Tamil Nadu Agriculture, Tamil University, Dr. MGR Medical University, Ambedkar Law University were examined and approved.
  • Apart from this, Tamil Nadu Disposal Bill, Apartment Property Bill, Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax, Tamil Nadu Infrastructure Development Amendment Bill, Adithravidar, State Commission for Tribal Amendment, Tamil Nadu Prohibition Crimes, Computer Crimes, Drug Cargo Criminals, Forest Criminals, Thugs, Sex, Business A total of 20 bills were passed by voice vote, including a bill to curb the dangerous activities of sand smuggling offenders, sex offenders, slum land grabbers, and video thieves.
The President presented the award to those who excelled in the field of defense
  • President Ramnath Govind presents Param Vishist Seva Medals to 14 persons, including Army Commander General Manoj Pandey, at the Defense Awards Ceremony in New Delhi.
  • The function, chaired by President Ramnath Govind, was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Union ministers and senior government officials.
  • At the awards ceremony, President Ram Nath Govind, Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Forces, presented the Solar Chakra Awards to 13 people, including 6 posthumously.
  • The awards were given to those who have shown outstanding service to the heroic coast with maximum dedication during their service.
  • Apart from this, the President presented Param Vishist Seva medals to 14 persons, including the present Army Commander General Manoj Pandey, Uttam Yud Seva medals to 4 persons and Athi Vishist Seva medals to 24 persons at the ceremony.
16th Census Electronically
  • The country's 16th census, scheduled for 2021, is scheduled for this year. They plan to convert it to 50% electronics to make it more accurate and cost-effective. Different types of population information are essential for the policy making and planning implementation of a country.
  • India has had a census since before independence. The first census of India was taken in 1872. The complete census was published in 1881. Since then, the survey has been conducted regularly every 10 years. We currently have 2011 census data.
  • The 16th Census should have been conducted in 2021. It was postponed by the 2nd wave of Govt. The 16th survey is to be conducted soon. The Home Ministry has decided to conduct it in a mixed system of electronic and paper.
Chief Minister MK Stalin unveiled a special flower for the centenary celebrations of the legislature
  • President Ramnath Govind attended the inauguration ceremony of the late Chief Minister Karunanidhi in the Assembly on August 2 last year. A special flower launch event for the occasion was held at the Assembly Hall.
  • Chief Minister MK Stalin today unveiled the special flower for the centenary celebrations of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. This was received by the Speaker's father. This special flower features special pictures and various features of the major events of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly from 1922 to 2022.
  • Also included are pictures of events related to Karunanidhi's opening ceremony. This special flower has been presented to all the legislators.
Union Minister Amit Shah has released the first edition of the Assam Government Gazette
  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah has released the first edition of the state-run newspaper in Assam. Named 'Azom Barda', the newspaper will bring people together with government policies and their implementation.
  • The newspaper will be printed in 4 languages ​​namely Assam, English, Hindi and Bengali. Furthermore, it is reported that this newspaper will be widely published using various traditional and social media sites.
Philippine presidential election won by son of 'former' dictator
  • The Philippines, a Southeast Asian country, held presidential elections yesterday. The votes were then counted. Marcos Jr. received more than three crore votes. Vice President Leni Robredo, who ran against him, received 1.45 million votes.
Union Minister Bhubaneswar Yadav addresses the Fifteenth Session of the United Nations Conference on the Prevention of Desertification (UNCCD)
  • Union Minister Mr Bhupender Yadav addressed the Fifteenth Session of the United Nations Conference on the Prevention of Desertification (UNCCD) in C டிte d'Ivoire.
  • Issues such as drought, land reclamation, land rights, gender equality and employment for youth are prominent on the conference agenda. In terms of focusing on land, landscaping and The conference is expected to identify sustainable solutions to the effects of drought.

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