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Full power to monitor monitoring of Mulla Periyar Dam - Supreme Court order

  • Mullaperiyaru Dam is located in the Idukki district of Kerala. There is an issue between Kerala and Tamil Nadu regarding this dam.
  • The dam monitoring committee was appointed by the Supreme Court in 2005. The team inspected and confirmed that the dam is safe. In addition, the dam is taking safety measures. The Government of Kerala is an obstacle to the functioning of this committee.
  • In this context, various petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of the two states regarding the protection of the Mulla Periyar Dam and the amount of water to be stored.
  • The petitions are being heard by a bench of Justices AM Konwilkar, AS Oka and CD Ravikumar.
  • The Governments of Tamil Nadu and Kerala have put forward their arguments in this case. During the trial, the Kerala government demanded that the Mullaperiyar Dam monitoring committee be changed. This was not accepted by the Supreme Court.
  • Following this, Judge Conwilker issued an interim injunction. The Mullaperiyaru Dam Monitoring Committee has a representative from the Central Water Authority and one each from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The performance of this group is satisfactory.
  • To further strengthen the Monitoring Committee, Tamil Nadu and Kerala should appoint one additional representative each. Both the state governments are expected to appoint additional representatives in the next two weeks.
  • The Central Government should provide the necessary assistance to the Monitoring Committee. Only then can the team perform its tasks better. The Monitoring Committee will examine and decide on all matters relating to the safety of the dam.
  • The orders of this committee shall be carried out by the Chief Secretaries of the two States. They are responsible for that. Both State Governments should extend full cooperation to the Monitoring Committee. The maintenance work of the dam should be carried out in a timely manner. The orders of the Supreme Court must be strictly followed.
  • The Dam Protection Act, passed by Parliament, was approved by the President on December 13, 2021. All aspects related to the maintenance and operation of dams are defined in the new law.
  • The Mullaperiyar Dam Monitoring Committee may continue to function until the National Dam Protection Authority becomes fully operational under the new law.
Union Cabinet approves distribution of concentrated rice
  • The Union Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Modi was held on the 8th. Of these, approval was given to provide concentrated rice to the people.
  • Various central bodies, including the Food Corporation of India, have procured concentrated rice. Therefore, under the Food Security Act, it has been decided to distribute enriched rice to the people in three phases during the year through various central government schemes, including the Public Distribution Scheme.
  • It is estimated to cost Rs 4270 crore. The entire cost is borne by the Central Government. 9 powers nationwide, many are malnourished. They are more likely to suffer from anemia and immunity.
  • In this condition, concentrated rice is prepared to alleviate malnutrition. To this end, nine nutrients including rice flour, iron, folic acid and 'Vitamin-B2' are added and converted into rice in the form of rice with the help of machines. Then, for every 100 rice, a concentrated amount of rice is added.
The Central Government has set up a working group to promote the 'animation' sector
  • In the fields of animation, visual effects, gaming and comics, our country has the potential to capture 5 percent of the international market value by 2025. Its value is estimated at 3 lakh crore rupees.
  • The sector, which is expected to create 1.60 lakh jobs annually, is expected to grow by 25-30 per cent per annum. National Policy Therefore, the Working Group has been formed to promote the sector and to recommend the National Curriculum Framework for Higher Education in this regard.
  • The task force will work to produce a greater number of undergraduate, graduate and research students in the field. The committee will be chaired by the Central Information and Broadcasting Secretary.
  • It will include secretaries of the Central Skills Development Department, Higher Education Department, Electronics and Information Technology Department, Industry and Domestic Business Development Department.
  • The task force will submit their first action plan report within 90 days. The Committee will also be responsible for formulating national policy in this regard.
Success of interceptor missile test
  • The DRDO is a long-range missile capable of intercepting and destroying an enemy missile in mid-air. Produced by the so-called Defense Research and Development Organization. The missile was launched at the Odisha Chandipur Integrated Research Center on April. 08 successfully tested.
Cabinet approves proposed Memorandum of Understanding between the Board of Indian Exchange and the Financial Regulatory Authority of Mongolia
  • The Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today approved a bilateral memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Securities and Exchange Board of India and the Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia (FRC).
  • The FRC, like SEBI, is the co - signer of the International Organization for Multilateral Memorandums of Understanding (IOCs) of stock exchanges.
  • However this system is not likely to provide technical assistance. The current proposed bilateral recommendation agreement will strengthen the role of sharing information needed to actively enforce laws relating to the stock market.
  • It will also help develop a technical support program. The technical assistance program will be used to discuss issues related to the capital market, capacity building activities, and training programs for employees.
Union Cabinet approves extension of Atal Innovation Movement
  • The Union Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the extension of the Atal Innovation Movement (AIM) till March 2023. Atal Innovation Movement aims to create an innovative culture that promotes entrepreneurial environment and innovation in the country.
  • With the approval of the Union Cabinet, AIM has come up with a way to create a more responsible and innovative environment for all. 
Cabinet approves one-off opportunity for government agencies to hand over inactive coal mines without penalty
  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved a proposal by the Coal Ministry to give a one-time opportunity to the central and state public sector undertakings to hand over dormant mines without penalty and for no apparent reason.
  • Government agencies will be given a period of three months from the date of publication of the policy to hand over the coal mines.
  • Of the 73 coal mines allotted to state-owned enterprises till December 2021, 45 mines were inactive and the deadline for the commencement of mining operations in 19 coal mines has expired. The delay was due to reasons beyond the control of the allottees.
  • The coal sector plays an important role in the energy security of the country. Quality coal mines can be recycled quickly after technical issues are cleared and boundaries repaired, and delivered to interested parties.
  • This measure will increase employment and increase investment. It will contribute to the economic development of the backward areas of the country. This will reduce the import of coal in the country.

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