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50,000 Free Agricultural Electricity Connections, e-Vehicle Charging Centers - 19 Important Announcements by the Government of Tamil Nadu

  • During the debate on the Department of Energy in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly today, Energy Minister Senthilpalaji made various important announcements and details of the funds allocated for it.
  • Free agricultural electricity connections for 50,000 farmers
  • Free electricity connection for all special priority agricultural applicants
  • Instead of erecting power towers with wide foundations so as not to affect the farmers, very high voltage single power poles with very short foundations will be installed where required.
  • Steps will be taken to set up a 2000 MW "Solar Power Park" throughout Tamil Nadu.
  • Out of the 10,809 high voltage power lines connected to the power grid in Tamil Nadu, 1,686 rural power lines with more than 30 per cent agricultural connections will be selected and steps will be taken to electrify the agricultural power lines only by dividing it into agricultural and non-agricultural power lines.
  • New wind farms and solar power plants (HYBRID) will be set up to replace the old wind turbines owned by the Tamil Nadu Power Generation and Distribution Corporation.
  • 273 feeders will be selected from the power lines connected to the high voltage structure in Tamil Nadu and low capacity power supply transformers will be installed on those lines through the high voltage distribution system.
  • Separation of two power supply transformers in one place at 4,500 locations across Tamil Nadu through high voltage power supply system.
  • Replacement of old and low capacity 54208 km 33 kV power lines with new ones
  • Conversion of overhead power lines in Therodum four storied streets at Thiruvarur, Srivilliputhur and Suchindram
  • Steps will be taken to set up 100 new substations at a cost of Rs 1,649 crore.
  • Improving the capacity of high pressure transformers at an estimated cost of Rs. 166 crore
  • Establishment of charging stations for electric vehicles at roadside substations
  • Establishment of Flue Gas Desulpurisation (FGD) at Ennore Special Economic Zone Thermal Power Project.
  • Creating a new Hot Line line to carry out high voltage maintenance without any interruption
  • Unified Network Management System
  • Establishment of Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer to inspect the quality of coal
  • Taking action to convert 2x30 MW units from Naphtha to Liquid Gas (R LNG) at Basin Bridge Gas Turbine Power Station.
  • Obtaining Gas Allocation from Madanam Gas Field to Thirumakottai Gas Turbine Power Station
By 2030, humans will face 560 disasters each year - UN report
  • A new United Nations report reports that climate change could wreak havoc on our planet in the years to come. If current trends continue unchecked, the world will face 560 disasters a year by 2030, and 400 more disasters than in 2015, the report said.
  • The UN says not only floods but also other hazards such as epidemics or chemical accidents could occur. Climate change increases the magnitude of climate-related risks, its duration and severity. 
  • From 1970 to 2000, the world was hit hardest by the first phase of climate change. 90 to 100 medium to large scale disasters occur per year. The report predicts that by 2030 the number of severe heat waves will be three times greater than in 2001 and that there will be 30 percent more droughts.
  • Meanwhile, the UN said in its report that it was not only talking about natural disasters, but also the Govt-19, economic recessions and food shortages triggered by climate change. The report says that the impact of disasters has also increased due to the growing population in areas prone to natural disasters.
  • In 1990, disasters cost the world $ 70 billion a year. The Asia-Pacific region suffers the most, losing an average of 1.6 percent of GDP each year due to disasters.
Memorandum of Understanding between NHLML and State Government for 7 Ropeway Projects in Himachal Pradesh
  • The National Highways Logistics Management Limited (NHLML) and the State Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for 7 ropeway projects in Himachal Pradesh as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led efforts to improve connectivity through ropeways.
  • The agreement was signed in the presence of Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur and Associate Minister VK Singh under the Parvatmala project.
  • This unique Memorandum of Understanding will provide tourists with a unique, eco-friendly, natural and seamless travel experience. Using world-class technology, 7 57.1 km long ropeway projects will be constructed in the state at a total cost of Rs 3,232 crore.

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