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'Twitter' CEO appointed by Indian Barak Agarwal

  • Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of the US-based social networking site Twitter,'s term ends next year. In the wake of this, Jack Dorsey resigned as CEO yesterday. Following this, Barak Agarwal, an Indian who was the CEO of the company, has been appointed as the new CEO. 
  • Barak Agarwal, who studied at IIT Mumbai, completed his higher education in the United States and became a US citizen.
Repeal of 3 Agricultural Laws - Passage of Bill in Parliament
  • Parliament convenes winter session. It has already been announced that the Agriculture Law Repeal Bill will be tabled today, the first day of the meeting. Accordingly, the Agriculture Bill was tabled in Parliament. The bill was first passed in the Lok Sabha.
  • The bill was later passed by a voice vote in the states. The bill passed amid heavy opposition from the opposition. The Agriculture Act repeal bill, which was passed in Parliament, will now be sent to the President for approval.
Russia successfully tests state-of-the-art hypersonic missile
  • A hypersonic missile of the 'Chokan' missile test was conducted from Admiral Goshkov's ship anchored in the Black Sea. It is 400 km. Reported to have hit a distant target. The Chokan missile is said to be nine times faster than sound and has a range of 1,000 km. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he has the capability to hit a distant target.
More Test wickets - Aswin ahead of Harbhajan
  • Aswin took the wicket of opener Tom Latham in the first Test against New Zealand. This is his 418th Test wicket. Aswin became the third Indian bowler to take more Test wickets than Harbhajan Singh, who took 417 wickets. He has reached this target in 80 Tests.
  • 619 - Anil Kumble (132 Tests)
  • 434 - Kapil Dev (131 Tests)
  • 418 * - r. Aswin (80 Tests)
  • 417 - Harbhajan Singh (103 Tests)
India's first wind-solar hybrid powered MG motor
  • With solar energy, wind energy, water energy, etc., we can produce everything we need from electricity to fuel for vehicles. For the first time in India, MG Motors is operating its manufacturing plants in India using a new hybrid energy using wind and solar energy.
  • The MG Motor plant, located at Halol, runs on 50% renewable energy. In this context, CleanMax Wind Solar Hybrid Park in Rajkot has partnered with Windmill to generate and use hybrid energy from wind and sunlight for use in wind power plants.
  • According to Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology Limited (SAIC), the plant in Halol will use about 4.85 MW of wind-solar hybrid power. With this, MG Motor claims that it will be able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately two million metric tons in 15 years. That is equivalent to planting more than 13 lakh trees.
Interesting story behind the name ‘Omigron’
  • Mutant corona infection is commonly referred to by the Greek alphabet as ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA. The name 'NU' should be placed accordingly. But the exception is because it is pronounced as 'NEW'. 
  • Exclusion as the next word XI is associated with the name of the Chinese president It is noteworthy that there is already an accusation that the corona has spread from China. Hence the 15th Greek alphabet, Omigron, was coined by the WHO
Choose 'vaccine' as the word for 2021
  • Headquartered in the state of Massachusetts in the United States, Merriam-Webster is known for its 'dictionary' dictionary. The company annually selects a word and declares it the best word. In the year 2020, the word 'Phantomic' was chosen.
  • In this case the word for this year is currently selected. Merriam-Webster has chosen the word 'vaccine' to refer to a vaccine.
Magdalena re-elected Prime Minister of Sweden
  • No party has a simple majority in the Swedish parliament. Out of a total of 349 seats, only 175 MPs without opposition can become prime minister. The vote to elect a new prime minister took place last week. Of those, 117 voted in favor of Magdalena, who was finance minister, and 174 against.
  • But Magdalena was elected prime minister by a margin of 175 votes. She became the first female Prime Minister of Sweden. But the budget he filed failed in Barley. Seven hours later, Magdalena stepped down as prime minister.
  • In this case, the re-election took place with 101 votes in favor of Magdalena and 173 against. None of the 75 MPs from the center-right party, the main party in support of Magdalena, abstained. 
  • Magdalena Anderson of the Social Democrats was subsequently re-elected Prime Minister. He has been elected prime minister for the second time in a week, with elections to Barley set for September next year.
Manama Challenger Tennis - Ramkumar Champion
  • Ramkumar Ramanathan of Tamil Nadu won the men's singles title at the Manoma ATP Challenger Tennis Series in Bahrain. Ramkuma, who has reached the final of the ATP Challenger Series 7 times, has won the title for the first time.

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