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Excavation completed at Adichanallur, Sivakalai, Korkai

  • On behalf of the Archaeological Survey of Tamil Nadu, excavations have been carried out for the last 7 months at Adichanallur on the banks of the Tamiraparani in the Tuticorin district, the second phase at Sivakala and the first phase at the Pandya port city of Korkai.
  • Pits were dug and excavated at more than 10 places in Adichanallur. Of these, more than 500 antiquities have been found. More than 1,000 items were found in the crash. 
  • In particular, the 9-layer liquid filtration pipe, the 29-layer brick construction system mentioned in the Sanga literature, the two-layer container, the cone sawmill, the Tamil Brahmi characters, symbols, cones, cone bracelets, colored algae, pots, Rome and Chinese pottery tiles, clay Numerous objects such as figurines have been found.
  • In Sivakalai, 18 pits were dug at 3 places at Parambu, Patma Nagar and Moolakkarai and 8 pits were dug at 4 places at Parakramapandi Tiradu, Avarangadu Tiradu, Pottal Tiradu and Chekkadi. More than 400 items were found in the open area, more than 300 items in the living area and 48 elderly minions.
  • Many important traces have been found in the Avarangadu collection of unburned brick construction and the Parakramapandi collection of brick-built sewers. Inscriptions were found in the molecular area.
  • Chief Minister MK Stalin declared in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly that the age of the Tamiraparanikkara `Porunai civilization 'was 3,200 years, while examining the pearls taken from the old man's thali found in Sivagala.
  • To commemorate this, a Rs. 15 crore Museum will be set up in Tirunelveli. There, the Chief Minister also announced that the items found in Adicha Nallur, Shiva and Korkai will be on display.
State Disaster Relief Fund allocates Rs 7,274 crore
  • Funding is provided to states from the National Disaster Recovery Fund to deal with disasters and emergencies in the states. The second tranche of Rs 1,599.20 crore has already been disbursed to five states in advance.
  • The meeting, chaired by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, approved an advance of Rs 7,274 crore for the second tranche to 23 more states. The funds will also be used by state governments to assist the heirs of those who died of the corona epidemic.
Business Planning Group, India - USA approved to share modern technologies
  • It has been decided to set up an action plan committee to formulate policies related to the sharing of modern technologies in the military-based industries between India and the United States. 
  • The five-day Indo-US Occupational Safety Agreement Conference concluded in Delhi. Anurag Bajpayee and David Paul Bagnati have been appointed on behalf of India and the United States to form and implement the committee.
PC Patnaik takes over as Managing Director of LIC
  • PC Patnaik is the Managing Director of LIC. PC Patnaik joined LIC in 1986 as a direct officer.
192 countries including India participate in Dubai Expo-2020
  • The 'World Exhibition', which is held internationally every 5 years, is being held in Dubai. To this end, the grand exhibition titled 'Dubai Expo-2020' got off to a rousing start in Dubai. This will continue until March next year. Of these, 192 countries are participating.
  • At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, composer A.R. Rahman's 'Brothers' group also participated. The band features 50 female musicians from 23 countries. Rahman's concert is set to continue.
GST collects Rs 1.17 lakh crore in September
  • GST collection last month was unprecedented at Rs 1.17 lakh crore in the current financial year. This is a level not seen in the last 5 months. In addition, for the third consecutive month, GST collection has surpassed the US government's target of Rs 1 lakh crore.
  • Central GST includes Rs 20,578 crore, state GST Rs 26,767 crore and consolidated GST Rs 60,911 crore. In addition, Rs 8,754 crore was collected as chess tax. This includes Rs 623 crore.
  • Of the last month 's GST collection, Rs 7,842 crore came from Tamil Nadu alone. This is 21 per cent more than the Rs 6,454 crore collected in September last year.
  • Similarly, Delhi collected Rs 3,605 crore (15% more), Pondicherry 160 (8%), Karnataka Rs 7,783 crore (29%), Maharashtra Rs 16,584 crore (22%) and Kerala Rs 1,764 crore (14%). Compared to September last year, tax collections in Bihar fell by 12%, in Daman and Diu by 99% and in Lakshadweep by 51%.
Clean India Project 2.0 to remove garbage in cities
  • On the eve of Gandhi's 150th birthday today, Prime Minister Modi launched the 'Clean India Project Urban 2.0' project with the aim of keeping cities clean of rubbish. The 'Clean India Project Urban 2.0' will be a major turning point in India's path to effectively address the challenges of urbanization.
  • In addition, it will make a significant contribution to the country's goal of sustainable growth by 2030. The main objective of the project is to make all cities litter-free and to prevent open defecation in all cities.
  • This will help achieve the goal of safe health care in urban areas. The project will be implemented at a cost of Rs 1.41 lakh crore.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday launched the 'Amrut 2.0' project to treat and recycle wastewater. Under the scheme, 100 per cent clean water will be distributed to all households in 4,700 urban local bodies through 2.68 crore pipe connections. Rs 2.87 lakh has been allocated for this project.
World Bank grants Rs 1,112 crore loan to Tamil Nadu
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu plans to transform Chennai into a beautiful, world-class, clean city with lush greenery so that people can live healthier and face the effects of climate change. 
  • The World Bank has come forward to provide a loan of Rs 1,112 crore to the Government of Tamil Nadu to implement this project. The approval was given at a meeting of the bank's executive directors, according to a statement from the World Bank.
Gandhiji Police Award for 5 Police Officers
  • Chennai North Central Intelligence Agency Deputy Superintendent of Police Datsinamoorthy, Vellore Central Central Intelligence Agency Inspector Kumar, Ulundurpet Prohibition Enforcement Division Inspector Shakthi, Musiri Assistant Inspector Chidambaram, Sungwarsathram Police Station Central Investigation Division Chief Constable Ashok Prabhakaran were found guilty of forgery. The Gandhi Guard Award is given for service.
Indian men's team wins bronze at Asian Table Tennis Championships
  • The Indian men's team has won bronze at the 2021 Asian Table Tennis Championships in Qatar. The team comprising Sathyan Gnanasekaran, Sarath Kamal, Harmeet Desai, Sanil Shetty and Manav Thakkar won the medal.
  • This is the first time since 1976 that India has won a medal at the Asian Table Tennis Championships. The Sports Development Authority of India is praising the players.

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