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Chief Minister Stalin inaugurated the breeding complex in Hosur on video

  • A poultry breeding complex with a broiler house has been set up at a cost of Rs. This was opened by Chief Minister Stalin through a video presentation from the General Secretariat in Chennai. The complex can house 5,100 laying hens and 9,150 laying hens.
Boeing's 11th P-8 fighter jet handed over to Indian Navy
  • US-based Boeing has been developing P-8I fighter jets that can destroy submarines. The agreement to purchase 8 such aircraft from the company was signed by the Ministry of Defense in 2009.
  • Since then, in 2016 it has agreed to buy another 4B-8 fighter jets. Of these, 9 aircraft have already been delivered, while the 10th aircraft was delivered last July. In this situation, Boeing handed over the 11th B-8I fighter jet to the Indian Navy. .
Minister Mahesh started the education project work in search of a home
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu has already announced that a new education program called 'Home Search Education' will be introduced on behalf of the Tamil Nadu School Education Department. Accordingly, with a financial assistance of Rs 200 crore, the project is to be implemented.
  • Initially, the project will be implemented in 12 districts. To go to school time, students are to be given special training through volunteers from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. In addition, awareness is to be created through caricatures, puppetry, bicycle rallies and street plays. The Chief Minister is scheduled to launch the project in a week.
The Foreign Minister unveiled a memorial plaque at the Bhutanese garden highlighting India-Israel relations
  • Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar has paid a three-day state visit to Israel. Arriving in the capital, Tel Aviv, he is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Nafdali Bennett and other leaders, including the Foreign Minister, to discuss bilateral relations.
  • During the visit, Minister Jaishankar yesterday unveiled a memorial plaque in the 'Garden of Bhutan' in the jungles of Jerusalem. Vinoba Bhave, an Indian activist and human rights activist, started the Earth Movement in 1951.
  • Through a movement known as the Bhutan Movement, the rich on land voluntarily donated land to the landless poor.
Bhutan border agreement with China
  • Bhutan-China border sharing agreement signed The bilateral agreement was signed during negotiations via video conference. The agreement was signed by China's Deputy Foreign Minister Wu Jianghao. So far, Bhutan and China have held 26 rounds of talks on the border dispute.
India-Sri Lanka Army 'Mitra Shakthi 2021' joint exercise concludes
  • The joint military exercise between India and Sri Lanka known as 'Mitra Shakthi' concluded in Ampara. Mitra Shakthi 2021, the 8th edition of the joint exercise between the Indian and Sri Lankan Armed Forces, was held at the Ampara War Training School from October 4 to 16.
  • The Allied Force, based on offensive and counter-terrorism operations, is the largest bilateral joint exercise conducted by the Sri Lankan military.
Jammu and Kashmir Development Projects MoU signed with Dubai Government
  • The administration of Jammu and Kashmir has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Dubai to undertake various projects in Jammu and Kashmir, including real estate development, industrial parks, IT towers, multi-purpose towers, logistics, medical college and multi-purpose hospital.
  • The event was also attended by Union Minister of Industry and Commerce Pius Goyal and Dubai government officials.

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