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Karnan selected as Best Indian Film at Bangalore International Film Festival

  • More than 100 films from 20 countries were selected and screened in 30 languages ​​at the Bangalore Innovative International Film Festival. Karnan was selected as the best film at its closing ceremony.
  • Karnan, directed by Mari Selvaraj and starring Dhanush, was based on the police raids in Kodiyankulam. At the same festival, the hit film Kattil won the award for Best South Indian Film.
Uber & Thomas-Uber Badminton 2021
  • In Denmark, the Thomas-Uber Cup badminton took place. China and Japan clash in the Uber Cup final for women. The Chinese team won the trophy 3-1, winning the trophy for the 15th time in the series.
  • He Ping Xiao won the singles on behalf of China. In the doubles, Qing Chen, Yi Ban Jia and Dong Ping Huang, Wen Mei Li won the pair.
  • Akane Yamaguchi gave consolation to the Japanese team, which went on to become the 'current champions'. China and Indonesia clashed in the men's Thomas Cup final. Indonesia won 3-0 to clinch the title for the 14th time.
Project to study Trojan asteroids - Lucy introduced by NASA
  • On behalf of NASA, the spacecraft named 'Lucy' was launched from the air force base in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. The Atlas V rocket takes it to the skies. The rocket was jointly developed by Boeing and Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • Lucy's project is to explore different numbers of meteorites over the next 12 years. NASA has announced that the Lucy spacecraft will be the first to explore a large group of rocks called 'Trojans' orbiting the Sun from the front and back of Jupiter.
  • The Trojan meteorite, which is estimated to be about 225 kilometers in diameter, is named after Greek mythology. As these meteorites are expected to be high in carbon, it is said that there are opportunities for new dimensions in the origin of life on Earth.
  • Lucy is also said to be exploring the area of ​​Donald Johansson, the site of the main meteorite in our solar system. The first human figure in history was discovered in Ethiopia in 1974. It was named `Lucy '. The same name is given to this project.

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