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30 Alternative Talents That Will Make an Impact Globally - India's Sai Kaustav Dasgupta Selection

  • DIVERSABILITY, a global organization based in the United States, has released a list of 30 people with disabilities for the year 2001, which will have a major impact on society globally.
  • 300 people from 13 countries were considered and 30 were selected. One of them is Dr. Sai Kaustav Dasgupta Dasgupta from India.
Union Cabinet approves DICGC Law Amendment Bill
  • Deposit insurance amount of Rs. The Union Cabinet has approved an amendment to the law to make Rs 5 lakh available back in 90 days.
  • He said the bill would be introduced during the current parliamentary session. Deposit insurance has been increased from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. The amendment would bring insurance to the limit, which would benefit 98.3 percent of investors.
SCO Conference
  • The SCO, a conference of military ministers of member countries, is being held in Dushanbe to discuss issues including the situation in Afghanistan, terrorism and security.
  • Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is attending a conference of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Dushanbe, the capital of Central Asian country Tajikistan.
  • Russia, India, China, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan are members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
Team structure to rehabilitate weak micro, small and medium enterprises
  • The government has ordered a committee headed by retired IAS officer and former industry secretary N. Sundaradevan to formulate plans for the recovery of micro, small and medium enterprises.
  • The committee includes M. Vijayabaskar, a professor at the Chennai Development Research Institute and a part-time member of the State Development Policy Committee; Officer Hemalatha Annamalai, Regional President of the Federation of Indian Export Associations Israr Ahmed, Tamil Nadu Small and Small Industries Association (TANSTIA) President Anburajan and Chartered Accountant Anand will be the seven members.
  • The Committee will provide necessary credit facilities to micro, small and medium enterprises and advise them on the need to improve exports. The team will also study the required infrastructure, simplification of business understanding and human resources.
  • The committee has also been asked to provide advice to promote industrial development in the backward areas of the state. The committee will report to the government within 3 months.
Marxist senior leader N. Sankarayya selected for Thakaisal Tamil Award
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken steps to provide awards and prizes to those who have contributed to the development of Tamil Nadu and Tamil Nadu. Accordingly, on the orders of Chief Minister MK Stalin, a new award has been created under the name "Thakaisal Tamilar".
  • A committee is to be set up to identify these awardees. Nominated for the Thakaisal Tamil Award. It was reported that a check for Rs 10 lakh and a certificate of appreciation for Sankarayya would be presented by Chief Minister MK Stalin at the Independence Day celebrations on August 15.
Chief praises 9th grade student for creating portable CPU
  • SS Madhav is a ninth class student from Thiruvarur area. He has been actively trying for the last few months to create a portable CPU and sell him online. Upon learning of the situation, Chief Minister Mukha Stalin called the student and his parents and thanked them
  • It is noteworthy that Madhav is selling through the CBI's Terabyte India, which he invented
Steam on Jupiter Satellite - NASA Discovery
  • NASA scientists have confirmed the evaporation of water on Jupiter's satellite, the Canyon moon, using the Hubble Telescope.
  • Jupiter's satellite Ganymede is the largest of the planets in the atmosphere. Can you believe there is more to this satellite than the water of the oceans on Earth? However, they have discovered that there is more water on the Canyme satellite than on the oceans on Earth.
  • The water, which is solid ice on the surface, is said to be liquid at a depth of about 160 km. Scientists have now confirmed the evaporation of water on the Ganymede satellite, as most of the area is ice, making evaporation unlikely.
Chief Minister MK Stalin launches medicine and pills in search of people's homes
  • Various projects are being implemented in Tamil Nadu on behalf of the Department of Medicine and Public Welfare considering the needs of the patients.
  • In that regard, the Government of Tamil Nadu has announced a program called People Searching Medicine. In the first phase, the Government of Tamil Nadu plans to implement this scheme for 20 lakh people and up to one crore people continuously.
  • Especially in Tamil Nadu, more than 20 lakh people with diabetes, diabetes, kidney cancer, tuberculosis, kidney treatment, rheumatism and high blood pressure have to visit hospitals.

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