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International Yoga Day: `Light of hope for the great times' - Modi quoting Thirukural

  • For the past six years, June 21 has been observed as International Yoga Day. In that sense the 7th International Yoga Day is observed around the world today.
  • The main theme of this year’s Yoga Day is yoga for health. Various yoga events are organized all over India. Due to the spread of the corona, Yoga Day was not held in large numbers.
  • The celebration of International Yoga Day in the capital Delhi has begun. Prime Minister Modi, who was present, made a special speech on Yoga Day.
  • Prime Minister Modi said, “I pray for the health of every country and people of every country. Yoga is a beacon of hope during the Corona plague.
  • The urge to do yoga has not diminished, "he said.
  • He added, “India has taken another important step in collaboration with the World Health Organization. Now a processor called `M-Yoga 'has been developed. It will have yoga practice videos in different languages ​​for people all over the world. This will help us in our goal of 'one world, one health'.
  • Even medical science today focuses on the healing process, rather than medical treatment. Yoga helps in the healing process, ”said Prime Minister Modi.
India sets new record in vaccination
  • Corona 2nd wave intensity is spreading across the country. While the vaccine is considered to be the only solution to control the spread of corona, the vaccine has been given age-wise since last January.
  • As many as 69.25 lakh people have been vaccinated in a single day in India today. As many as 30.30 lakh people were vaccinated yesterday and today it has doubled. The previous highest was 42 lakh 65 thousand 157 people vaccinated on April 2.
Laurel Hubbard: The first transgender person to compete in the Olympics
  • Laurel Hubbard Amid much controversy, Laurel Hubbard of New Zealand has set a historic record as the first transgender person to compete in the Olympics.
  • She has been selected to compete in the women's weightlifting competition at next month's Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.
  • The decision was made six years ago, following a change in the rules of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding the selection of competitors.
  • He had previously competed in the men's weightlifting competition in 2013.
NASA's Hubble telescope captures a nebula 7,500 light-years away
  • The Hubble Classic explores a small part of the Carina nebula, one of the largest star-forming regions in our galaxy. The nebula is about 7,500 light-years away from us, and is mostly made up of hydrogen gas. "
  • A nebula is mainly a cold cloud of hydrogen gas. It is covered with dust. This makes the cloud opaque. The cloud is eroded by ultraviolet light from the young stars in the region. They form a variety of imaginary forms.
  • The Hubble Space Telescope is a large telescope used in space research. It was launched into orbit on April 24, 1990 by the space shuttle Discovery. This telescope is an international cooperation agreement between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).
  • Hubble orbits at a distance of about 547 kilometers from Earth. And travels 5 miles per second. It takes a sharp picture of the design of objects in the sky, such as planets, stars and galaxies.
  • So far it has carried out more than a million observations. These include detailed images of the births and deaths of stars, galaxies billions of light years away, and cometary fragments colliding in Jupiter's atmosphere.
First Session of the 16th Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu - Highlights of the Governor's Speech
  • The first session of the 16th Assembly of Tamil Nadu began with a speech by Governor Banwarilal Purohit at the Chennai Kalaivanar Arena. The Governor began his address in Tamil as "Hello". He also said, "Tamil is a sweet language. Live a simple life."
  • Every action of the state is based on social justice, gender equality and economic funding for all. The government is determined to achieve the goal of autonomy for the states.
  • Farmers' markets started by former Chief Minister Karunanidhi will be re-established across Tamil Nadu.
  • The Chief Minister has submitted various requests to the Prime Minister for the assistance required by the Government of Tamil Nadu for corona prevention measures.
  • The allocation of vaccines provided by the United States government is inadequate. The Union Government should increase the number of vaccines allotted to Tamil Nadu. We will maintain good relations with the Union Government in accordance with the policy of 'Let's give a hand to the relationship .. Let's give a voice to the right'.
  • To protect the welfare of the farmers and to increase the agricultural production, a separate financial report will be submitted to the Department of Agriculture every year. A legal draft will be brought to cancel the NEET exam in Tamil Nadu. The White Paper on Finance will be released in July.
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu will urge the Union Government to make the necessary laws and amendments to grant Indian citizenship to Sri Lankan Tamil refugees.
  • The reservation policy of Tamil Nadu, which is over 100 years old, has overcome time and ensured social justice; The 69 per cent reservation provided in Tamil Nadu will continue to be protected
  • The Government will take concrete steps to protect the rights of Tamil Nadu in inter-state river water issues.
  • The benefits of the new insurance scheme for government employees and pensioners will be further enhanced.
  • Preference will be given to those who have studied in the Tamil way and those who have studied in government schools in employment for government posts; This government will ensure it.
  • Steps will be taken to prevent crimes against women in the workplace.
  • It will be urged to declare Tamil as one of the official languages ​​of India.
  • He said he would urge the Union government to find a solution to the issue of recovery of Katchativu and protection of fishermen's welfare.
  • Steps will be taken to bring in new businesses on the Chennai-Kanyakumari industrial highway.
  • The 'Singara Chennai 2.0' project will be introduced to uplift the urban infrastructure of Chennai.
  • Smart cards within 15 days for anyone applying for a ration card.
  • A committee headed by Justice Rathinavel Pandian will be set up to formulate plans for the industrial development of the southern districts.
  • The government will take concrete steps to protect the rights of Tamil Nadu in inter-state river water issues.
  • The Chennai Metropolitan Flood Water Management Committee will be set up comprising experts from the Disaster Management Environment and Urban Planning Departments to devise flood control measures and minimize the impact.
  • Rs 50 crore has been earmarked for the supply of liquid medical oxygen and Rs 50 crore for the third wave improvement operation. The government has taken all measures to tackle the third wave.
  • The resolution will be passed by 2020 to repeal 3 agricultural laws passed by the United States government.
  • In order to increase the participation of women in employment opportunities, hostels for working women will be established in each district.
  • An Economic Advisory Council will be set up comprising Raghuram Rajan, Dr Arvind Subramanian, Economist John Trees and Dr S Narayanan. Based on the recommendations of the committee members, steps will be taken to revive the Tamil Nadu economy.
  • Study on the feasibility of mass transit system in Madurai, Trichy, Salem and Tirunelveli districts.
  • The Lok Sabha will be revived.
  • A panel of entrepreneurs and financial experts will be set up to revive small, medium and micro enterprises.
  • Transgender people will be given skills training to get employment and start a business.
  • A targeted program will be implemented to ensure that children continue their education.
  • A master plan will be released in the near future to promote tourism in Tamil Nadu.
  • Request to the Union Government to increase the current income limit in OBC reservation to Rs. 25 lakhs.
  • The Government of Tamil Nadu will urge the Government of Kerala and the Union Government to strengthen the Mullaiperiyaru Dam and expedite the necessary clearance.
  • Unfilled vacancies for Adi Dravidar and tribals in government service will be filled through special appointments.
  • This government will run as a government for all, not as a one-party government, but as a people's government based on the great social philosophy of everything for all.
  • Necessary steps will be taken to expand the Maduravayal Chennai Port Flying Road project.
  • This government will ensure that every rupee spent by the government is fully utilized

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