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Google spends Rs 113 crore on corona prevention in India

  • With Corona being the 2nd most severe in India, various parties are helping. In that regard, Google's funding division for welfare services has offered to assist India. In other words, Google has announced Rs 113 crore worth of aid to prevent corona in India.
  • With this amount, 80 oxygen production plants will be set up in India and steps will be taken to improve the capacity of health workers in rural areas. For this, Rs 90 crore has been allotted to 'Give India' and Rs 18.5 crore to 'Bath'.
  • In addition, Apollo Metskills will provide skills development training to 20,000 rural health care workers. Google has set aside Rs 3.6 crore for this. Volunteers providing 1,80,000 health services in 15 states are expected to provide skills development training to 40,000 nurses.
3rd largest diamond discovery in the world
  • A diamond weighing 98 carats has been unearthed from a mine in the Boswana area. It is the third largest diamond in the world. Earlier in 2015, a diamond weighing 111 carats was discovered. In 1905, the world's largest diamond weighing 3,106 carats was discovered at BOTSWANA.
Rs 740 crore loan to Sri Lanka: India provided for solar energy project
  • The Government of Sri Lanka has set a target of generating 70 percent of the total energy consumption through non-conventional sources by 2030.
  • To this end, the Export-Import Bank of India has provided a loan of approximately Rs. 740 crore to the Government of Sri Lanka for the implementation of projects to increase solar energy production. The agreement was signed in the presence of Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.
  • India spearheaded the formation of the International Solar Energy Federation in 2018. Sri Lanka is also a member country. India has announced that it will provide assistance to increase solar energy production in other countries.
China's record of sending troops to its own space station
  • Tianhe, the main part of China's Tiankang Observatory, was launched into space on April 29. Following that, the Tianshou, a cargo cell containing the equipment and equipment needed to house the soldiers inspecting the station, was delivered last month and attached to the Tianhe cell.
  • At this point, the Shenzhou space shuttle with 3 soldiers headed towards the station was launched from the Jiguan launch pad located in the Kobe Desert at 9.22am on Thursday (6.52am Indian time).
  • Nai Haisheng (56), Liu Booming (54) and Tang Hangpo (45) were in the space race. About 6.5 hours later, the Shenzhou spacecraft successfully merged with the Tianhe cell. At 3.45 pm Chinese time, the spacecraft carrying 3 soldiers was attached to the space station.
  • The 3 soldiers, who will stay there for 3 months, will be involved in the difficult task of building the Tiankang space station. China has been showing more intensity in space exploration in recent times. In 2019, China first landed its Chang'e-4 probe on the far side of the little-known moon.
  • In addition, China's Chang'e-5 spacecraft collected rock and soil samples from the moon and brought them to Earth. Also, the country's vehicle research spacecraft successfully landed on Mars.
Satya Nadella appointed President of Microsoft
  • Satya Nadella has been unanimously elected as the President of Microsoft. In addition, the Board of Directors has appointed John W. Thompson as CEO. 
61.09 crore Kuruvai Paddy Cultivation Package Scheme for the benefit of Delta District Farmers - Announcement by Chief Minister MK Stalin
  • Chief Minister MK Stalin has announced a Rs. 61.09 crore Kuruai paddy cultivation package for the benefit of Delta farmers. Delta County farmers will be provided with 2,870 metric tonnes of certified paddy seeds, 1,90,000 acres of fully subsidized chemical fertilizers and 24,000 acres of green manure seeds at subsidized rates so that they can get higher yields during the dry season.
Chennai to Kanyakumari Industrial Route - $ 484 million loan agreement signed
  • The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has signed a $ 484 million loan agreement to improve transport connectivity in Tamil Nadu and upgrade the Chennai-Kanyakumari Industrial Line link in Tamil Nadu.
  • The agreement was signed by Ranjit Kumar Misra, Additional Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, on behalf of the Government of India and Takio Konishi, Director, India, on behalf of the Asian Development Bank.
  • The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is a leading ally of the Government of India in its efforts to improve the industrial route from West Bengal to Tamil Nadu, the Chennai-Kanyakumari industrial corridor in Tamil Nadu and the East Coast Economic Zone as part of the East Coast Economic Zone, connecting India with the production of South, Southeast and East Asia.
  • Through this project, up to 590 km of state highways in 23 districts between Chennai and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu will be upgraded. It also connects industrial terminals to coastal land and ports.

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