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Discovery of an inscription giving donation to Karaikandeeswarar on Javvadu Hill
  • In the field survey conducted by K. Mohankanthi, Professor of Tamil Department of Tiruppattur Thuya Nenjak College, Archaeologist B. Venkatesan and Kani Nilam M. Munisamy, AD. An inscription dating back to the 13th century has been found.
  • The 5 feet high and 3 feet wide stone slab has 47 lines of inscription on both sides. This big stone is broken in two lengthwise. This inscription says that Esan in Perumappalli is Karaikandeeswarar.
  • The inscription begins with an image of the censer, the trident, and the torch. In the 22nd regnal year of Swastheesri Tribhuvana Chakravarty Sri Kulothunga Chola Deva, an agriculturist named Koothan Karayan of Perumappalli village created a lake called 'Mukkanna'. Today, this lake has been renamed as Annamalai Lake in Perumpalli.
  • The water flowing from the top of the mountain is stored in a lake with three big banks. Mukkannan means Lord Shiva. Mukkannan is found in the 6th song of the rhetorical hundred. So Mukkanna Lake can be known as the lake formed after the name of Lord Shiva.
  • Also, it is worth noting that there are no three eyes, but only one eye, even after investigating whether the sluice is three-eyed. Mukkannan is one of the many names of Lord Shiva.
  • Donation...: 4 kalam of paddy and a bunch of land on the lower side of the northern side of the lake are donated to Karaikandeeswarar at Perumappalli in Jawvadumalai for making thalika (food). Koothan Karayan's inscription says that he donated the area north of Attu Pahi, Aerikallu Nedukallu, East of Kada Kalani and Vadaparai to the east of this.
  • Kariundik God...: The significant news here is that one of the Sangha literary texts 'Malaipatugadam' by Nannan Sey Nannan refers to the mountain as Naviramalai. 
  • Our research team has found inscriptions of Naviramalai in 12 villages under Tirupattur district which includes 34 villages including Perumpalli. The book 'Malaipadukadam' says that Lord Kariundik resided at Naviramalai. Kari+Undi+God=Nanju+Unda+ Lord Shiva is the meaning.
  • When the Devas and Asuras bathed in the Thirupalkadal to take the nectar, Lord Shiva drank the venom to protect his devotees, the Asuras.
  • Fearing that the poison might endanger her husband, Parvati grabs Shiva's neck and tries to expel the poison. The poison does not enter the stomach and does not come out of the mouth and stays in the middle (throat, neck). 
  • Therefore, the Malapadugadam book says that Isa who drank Alangaya poison is the Kariundik god. Auvaiyar also says Lord Shiva is one of the hundred without blue eyes (Purum - 91).
  • It is necessary to distinguish the name Karaikandeeswarar from the inscription found in Perumpalli. Karai + Kanda + Ishwarar = Nanju (poison) + Unda neck + Ishwarar can be interpreted.
  • So the god Karyundi mentioned in the Sanga period (1 BC) was mentioned in AD. It is clear that Maruvi was given as Karaikandeeswarar in the 13th century.
India-Saudi Arabia joint military exercise 'Sada Tanseeq' has started in Rajasthan
  • The India-Saudi Arabia joint military exercise 'Sada Tanseeq' began today in Mahajan, Rajasthan. The exercise is scheduled to be held from January 29 to February 10, 2024. 
  • A 45-strong unit of the Royal Saudi Air Force is participating in the event. A battalion of the Guards Regiment (Mechanized Infantry) of the 45-strong Indian Army Regiment also participates.
  • The purpose of the exercise is to train the forces of both sides for joint operations in semi-desert terrain under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. It will also help foster cooperation, harmony and camaraderie between the troops of both sides.
  • Both sides will practice mobile vehicle checkpoints, encirclement and search operations, test rehearsals, firing and skidding. This exercise will be an opportunity for both parties to strengthen their bond. 
  • It will serve as a platform to achieve shared security objectives, enhance the level of security cooperation and develop relations between the two allies.

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